Have you ever wished there was a definitive calendar resource for life science events?

Now there is! Developed by BigBio Communications, The BioCalendar is THE event listing platform for the global life sciences and biopharmaceutical community, the ultimate one-stop events calendar and guide for industry executives and professionals worldwide.

The BioCalendar site provides an easy and reliable service that enables event organizers to plan and execute their events, whether it’s a large investor conference attracting thousands of attendees or a small partnering meeting for a few individuals. Powered by the channels of Big4Bio and its partners and sponsors, The BioCalendar is a dynamic event scheduling and promotional resource for the life science industry.

Great aspects of The BioCalendar:

  • Global, life sciences-focused; never miss out on an industry event
  • Viewers can search for specific events or types of events per month
  • A plethora of event listing options for organizers to increase event visibility
  • Organizers can expand reach of event by using additional BigBio Communications channels, such as the Big4Bio email communications/newsletters and social media
  • Viewers can see past events – potential attendees check out past events to see if/when those events repeat again in the future

All in all, The BioCalendar provides a wealth of opportunities and options for event organizers and event participants alike – start now and browse current events or post your own!


How did The BioCalendar begin?

For several years, many in the life science industry have relied on the event calendars of Big4Bio as a guide to plan and attend life science events in the Boston, San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego and Philadelphia regions. As the coronavirus pandemic forced almost all events and meetings online, the basic boundaries of events being regionally focused began to be less of a priority. As such, The BioCalendar was created to be a global resource, addressing the now-boundless aspect of event attendance/participation.

How can I post my events?

Organizers can post events either with a The BioCalendar membership (in which they can post their own events, as many as the want) or submit to The BioCalendar on a one-at-a-time basis, at $25 per event listing (regular). More information here

How much does The BioCalendar membership cost?

The BioCalendar memberships are $300 per event organization.

How far in advance can I post my events?

You can post your events within a calendar year timeframe of the current date.

Are there additional options for promoting my event?

Yes, review our BioCalendar Promotional Guide to see additional options such as being a “Featured Event,” placing banner ads and sending email blasts to targeted groups.

Is The BioCalendar membership the only way to have discounts on event promotion options?

No, event organizers can also get a discount on additional promotion opportunities with a Big4Bio sponsorship as well. For more information, contact info@big4bio.com.